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2 min readJul 16, 2022
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Have you ever told yourself you are going to do something at a certain time, but instead, you end up snoozing your way into another lifetime with the task unaccomplished? It’s been two weeks since I last put something up here. It is not from lack of writing or lack of content. If anything, I have been overwhelmed by a flood of events and emotions. And in my obsessive desire to document and detail every bit, I ended up with so many drafts and nothing published. What a joke.

The summary is this, I had to say a very emotional farewell to people who have become home to me this past year, and at the same time, eagerly anticipate coming home. I had an encounter with an immigration officer that made me want to deck him in the face(I am not always violent I promise). On arrival in Lagos, I saw my first public fight in a long time on the plane (it was hilarious and very disturbing). I saw some of my siblings and my friend whom I’ve not seen in over a year. Generally, I’ve been a pendulum of joy and some sadness with a dash of apprehension. But it is something I am soaking in completely.

In case you are in a blip period where so many things are happening at once and you barely know who or what to face, start with the blip and work your way through that. I am learning to live in the blip because I don’t know when I’ll come out of it. So here’s my submission of a summary. I’m still in the blip and might be for the next couple of weeks but it’s all good. The activities and events of life will definitely continue to clash, but we must learn to live in them and through them.

Side note: I am hosting an event in a few days and I am both thrilled and terrified in good measures. Wish me luck!

Until you hear from me again, here’s all my love, Ballie💖

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