Balpolam Idi
2 min readNov 5, 2020

I feel like a child trafficker today.

I gave out one of Star’s kittens earlier this evening and she has been searching relentlessly for her baby girl. Her meows sound panic-stricken and terrified, like that of every mother desperate to hear her offspring respond. It got me thinking about how I didn’t consult with her before giving her child to my cousin. I never asked what she thought about having her kittens move to another house, away from her, barely months after their delivery. I know a couple of people are rolling their eyes in exasperation, because “Ballie and her cats sef” but what if. Just what if this is the justification child traffickers’ use? Not considering the effect their choices have on others. I’m here typing this, and Star has come into my room to search for her hyena-coloured baby. I wonder what thoughts are going through her mind. Is she hoping to find her? At least dead, there will be closure or just alive and maybe injured? Will this disappearance haunt her for the rest of her life? Will she forgive me? She gave me a look of betrayal I’ll never forget ( I don’t care if you think I’m overdoing it), I don’t know why this came to mind. Maybe it’s because I attended a Global Summit on human trafficking late last month, I’m probably hypersensitive and aware. I don’t think that’s a bad thing though, we should all be hypersensitive and aware. It is families that are being ripped apart so violently. If I feel this much pain doing this to my cat (something everyone considers normal), I wonder what these traffickers feel. If they feel at all.

I want to say, it’s a pretty bad place to be in; the position of the trafficker. But nothing is worse than being the trafficked.

I have an invitation to you dear reader, let’s fight against modern day slavery and help abolish it. Do it in whatever way you can today. Learn about it, create awareness, volunteer, offer help, donate, do whatever you can. No effort is too little, nothing is a waste.

Little drops of water… make the mighty oceans

Love, Ballie❤

Balpolam Idi

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