Chasing — A race or a Trace?

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The song Live your life by T.I ft Rihanna lives rent free in my head. Anytime I hear the phrase paper chaser or any of its variants, and I hear it a lot, I suddenly start hearing Rhirhi singing “mayahi… so live your life… I’m a paper chaser just living my life..” in my head. That’s not where we are going though.

A lot of us have accepted that life is a race. Yea, or some sort of running event. It might be in competition with others, or just yourself, but more often than not, we refer to this life as a race. You doubt that? Why then do we say things like “we’re running out of time” or “chase your dreams”? Were your dreams running to begin with? Or are they trying to escape you? Why have we been made to believe that these dreams are some external and elusive part of us. When in the real sense, they are God-given passions and desires of our own creation? Why should the thought of doing what I am called to be likened to a dog giving a stray cat a run for his money? Except if we admit that we are somehow in an undefined or subconscious race.

But this makes me wonder. What kind of race is it? An endurance race? A sprint? A hurdle? A marathon? A decathlon? Who is the competition? Is it a competition? Where’s the finish line? How does it end for those who never make it to the finish line? So many questions from something so simple. It drives me crazy.

Photo by Abbas Tehrani on Unsplash

On second thought, I mulled over the idea that perhaps our race is not one for us to outrun each other. Maybe, we are tracing our steps back to where we came from. To the Source of this life itself, to the Origin as Ted Dekker likes to call Him. I strongly believe that our journey through life will lead us back to God. One way or another. And you may not be religious and life might seem too chaotic for a God to be behind it, but I assure you that the coincidences and randomness are all part of the set. Everything seems too precise and deliberate to be without a Creator and an order.

So why did I take you through my unusual thoughts today dear reader? I don’t know. I just want the paper/purpose chasers in you and I to remember why we are running in the first place. If we do, then we might begin to set a healthy pace and run with full knowledge. We can teach our hearts to know that this paper chase is not the end point, it’s but a detour or a hurdle to cross. We can teach our minds to not feel threatened when people around us cross into the next lap while we are still panting and trying to stay on track — we remember that the only thing we are racing against is time and this life na turn by turn. Maybe our eyes will learn not to be on the crowd and those outside our tracks, instead, we set our gaze steadily on the future we are building. Perhaps our hands will learn to lift others up, shoulder them and cheer them on with applause and hoots when they are reaching milestones. Just maybe, sometimes our legs will remember to slow down to take a water break, check a wound or just catch our breath. Because in this race, trouble no dey finish. But maybe we can be chasing, racing and tracing at the same time. Just maybe. And I hope you find the skill to balance it all.

Love, Ballie💖




And He said unto me, Write.

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Balpolam Idi

Balpolam Idi

And He said unto me, Write.

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