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I need some help.

Can you please help me?

For some reason, our self-help, DIY driven generation has made it somewhat shameful to ask for help. I say it’s bunkum. The first question that comes to mind when one repeatedly asks for help is 'who is this needy person constantly asking for help with this or that, ogbeni can’t you just Google it?’ I’m guilty of asking this question and many more like it.

'I can do bad all by myself' isn't just the title of some Tyler Perry movie, but is now the motto of some people's lives.

For those who care to listen, it’s absolutely okay to not know what you’re doing and ask for help. No shame in needing some help, cause a lot of people are just winging this life thing eh. Don’t pressure yourself unnecessarily, no tension yourself to impress people in the same boat as you are(or maybe worse).

And I have found that asking for help is, first of all, a very smart move that saves you time and lots of resources, and secondly, it saves you hurt and regrets.

Not everyone will give you the help you need, and that's also okay. But don't be afraid to ask for help.

My mother likes to reiterate that no man is an island and we are all products of the community around us. If you can't shamelessly ask the people in your tribe for help, you might want to take inventory and revisit the individuals on your list.

This life is a precious gift given to us, it's too special to be wasted in days of avoidable trial and errors, or the darkness of self-defeat and condemnation. You can’t draw up a cover letter and you know someone who can do it perfectly and effortlessly? Ask for help.

'No' is probably the worst that could happen, but they’re many good things that could come of your request.

It'd be great if we could all learn to lend a helping hand without grumbling and being mean or nasty. You sef go need another person one day. Let God use you to help someone, and also listen to the helpers He has sent your way.

That said, I need help, please.

How do I impact my community?

Love, Ballie ❤️



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