A bad photo of the handsome calf called Hiram. Taken by me, Ballie.

About a month ago, I met my mom when she came to Jos. She went on to tell me about one of the cows on the farm, who’d refused to breastfeed her newborn calf. I found it weird but I figured perhaps she was just having a difficult time adjusting to the colossal role of motherhood.

Fast forward to eleven (11) days after delivery, when I got home. I learnt that this calf had gone from a robust and healthy baby to one showing signs of hunger. I panicked.

Normally, I dissociate myself from animals that have horns since I almost lost my eye to one some 15+, years ago, but this time I threw fear away and took on the role of his feeder. While doing that, trust that I made inquiries. Some vets (I don’t trust those guys were real vets) came around and didn’t say anything definite. Mommy had gone from not just refusing to feed, to kicking baby. In my very mental illness-conscious mind, I thought I asked around and found out that they actually do (Thank you, Dr Daphne). Having grown up in a house with a doctor, I know better than to self-diagnose, so instead of burning so much emotional and mental energy on what is going on with mommy-cow, I focused my energy on the baby — the one at immediate risk.

We had to improvise feeding, as all attempts to help the cow and calf bond led to worse repercussions. In fact, the mom stopped lactating. The solution was to buy milk from other farmers and supplement it with the one being taken daily, from the older cows in the herd.

I cried on some days, as I watched him skip with delight anytime he sights me or my family members who feed him.

In these past few weeks, I have been reminding myself to focus on what matters. On the now. Because we never know how long we have. But however long or short it may be, May we all learn to pour our entire selves into the moment. Because here and now is what forms tomorrow and later.

I hope you enjoy moments of love, dreams, hope, anxiety, tolerance and everything in between. Because that is what love is.

Love, Ballie💖

P.S Shout out to Leritmwa for naming this guy. Thank you Lereeeeeet 🤗 And I have videos in case you’re interested in seeing Hiram and me in action. I always forget to ‘capture’ moments because I’m so caught up enjoying and savouring, thankfully, my brother made a few embarrassing ones.

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