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3 min readJan 10, 2024
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Hello People-User

I understand the impulse to take an opportunity, consequences be damned,

I understand the strong desire to get, ignoring the crushed hearts on your path.

I understand the chaotic urge to be at the top and in the spotlight, even though it pushes others into the dark.

I must say, I see your line of reasoning.

And I know why.

I know you’ve been battered and shattered by others

I know that your special something was snatched away

I know your victory was stolen once

I know you’ve lost respect, love and favour because of a failure

I know that those you let in that one time, hurt you so badly. So you see us all as you saw them, when realization dawned; as objects. Pawns.

I know you see people as obstacles to cross

I know you see someone’s downfall as a small price for your victory

My renowned People User,

Others call you vile, ruthless, crude, immoral, a cheat, a thief, a liar, a deceiver, a fraud, a heart breaker, a home wrecker, a witch and a snitch,

But I see you for who you are;

A lost soul trying to find meaning,

A broken child trying to find acceptance,

A shattered heart seeking redemption,

A lost cause drowning in shame,

A hopeless being dying to persevere,

A lifeless body seeking hope, faith and love.

I see you People-User

And you don’t have to live this way anymore

Take off your numerous masks,

Put down your ammunition,

Drop your guard,

Remove the amour.

Because I’m letting you know that someone sees right through it all,

Someone who needs you to only be lost, broken, shattered, hopeless and lifeless, and nothing more.

That Someone wants to give you meaning, acceptance, redemption, fame, hope, faith and love.

Someone actually believes in you.

I know that One, and the One knows you.

Love, Ballie💖

Thank you for reading. ✨I have been thinking really hard about the principle of repurposing content for about four months now. And I thought ‘What better way to start than by sharing my first work that got published in print’? People-Pleaser-User is a two-sided letter, first written in 2015–2016, then shared in public in 2017 for the first time, and subsequently published in the JETS Magazine in the same year.

Have you ever struggled with people-pleasing or even the ‘shameful’ act of using people? How did you get out of it? Do we really ever? Or do we just choose better people to use? You know where I’ll be. Please don’t forget to clap (50x) to make this post more visible especially to those who might need it. You can also subscribe to be the first to get updates about my writing on Medium, via email.

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