Life is for living, loosen up and wiggle!

Little Caucasian girl with a white dress and yellow hair bow, smiling brilliantly while covered in many colours of paint
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I don’t know who sold us the scam that we have to be serious as adults. Who told you that you’re too old to play in the rain and that you mustn't jump up a tree, or do a handstand. You must do like this and like that, all those rules of decorum. I am tired of them.

I have always been a playful, free-spirited child. I do not know how I became this serious-minded proper person I portray more often than not. The thing is even scary, because who is this serious person living in my body? I don’t know you ‘madam serious’. Abeg, it's bad enough that being an adult is such a herculean task. Not to mention if Buhari is your president. Kai. We must relearn how to play oh my dear. Life is too short to be tying face (scowling) up and down.

From a professional angle, I know exercise releases some feel-good hormones called endorphins and before you squeeze your face thinking I am telling you to go to the gym, please hear me out. What our bodies need is movement. And most of the things we do as play, involve some kind of movement. It is that simple. Move, enjoy it, laugh.

Photo by DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash

You don’t have to look at it as some cumbersome task. Just think about your favourite kind of play as a child. Was it the water slide? Go and do it. Riding a bike? Please do it. Climbing a tree? Go on and do it! Did you like playing hide and seek? Or perhaps it was just ten-ten. Is it bubbles or confetti that make you giggle? Or playing football in the mud?

There’s a child in every adult, we are just good at masking/suppressing it. Before someone tells you to unlock your inner child, I want you to know that you and the child are one and the same person. And I drop this unsolicited advice on the premise that we agreed at the start of the year that life is Short.

Stop saving all the fun you will have for the future. When you have the car, or the house, or the job, or the partner. We have today, use it. Play. Love. Laugh. Live life now.

Love, Ballie💖




And He said unto me, Write.

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Balpolam Idi

Balpolam Idi

And He said unto me, Write.

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