Questions I hate to Answer

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Mai nema ya na tare da samu.

Paraphrased, it means, “He who seeks will surely find.” All my life, I have felt like a big seeker. I did not and in some cases, still don’t find it easy to fit it. I questioned and still question a lot of things. I want to know why. Why are we here? Where do we come from? Where are we going? What is purpose? Is it a place, a thing or a state of being? What is passion? How do we find or unlock it? I ask a lot of questions. It is annoying I tell you. I ask silly ones like why do our eyes have lids and our ears do not? Why do we have one mouth but so many teeth? These questions usually lead me to more questions. And it is only in shamelessly asking that I find answers that lead me to deeper questions, questions that lead me further into faith, and if I am being honest, occasionally doubt.

For someone who likes to ask a lot of questions, I am not quite great at giving good answers. Questions often make me frazzled. A simple how are you would set me in a spin. And my favourite worst question, who are you, leaves me in a dither. Who are you? I don’t know...yet. I mean, I thought the entire point of our life’s journey is to discover who we are as we live out heavenly realities here on earth. How then does anyone expect me to know who I am after a mere two decades? — Excerpts from Growing, Up North.

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

All my Love and Questions, Ballie💖



And He said unto me, Write. Author of Growing, Up North.

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