So what?

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I have been steadily receiving ‘I’m sorry but’ emails, but this one I got was just what I needed to know: I’m not wasting my time. I am not dumb and I’m getting something right. I just have to keep at it.

Rejection emails are the undeniable, unwanted but inescapable expectations of every applicant. You dread them, but they just keep coming, like news of Buhari’s perpetual incompetence. There’s no escaping it. I used to think I’m a very daring person. Lol. The past year has taught me that I am just as afraid of rejection as the next guy. Secondly, rejection gets to you, no matter how much you ‘chest it’.

If you are in a season of applying and reaching for things, I know how overwhelming the ‘sorry to inform you…’ and ‘unfortunately, we are unable…’ messages can be. I am just here to bring you a friendly reminder that it is okay to feel worn out. Our hearts were not wired to take so much negativity. After all, it is said that hope deferred makes the heart sick. And like with every sickness, I advise that you get medicine for your heart sickness.

I am saying this in hindsight, not because I have stopped receiving those emails, but because I have started receiving them differently.

I allow myself to feel the loss. I don’t shake it off as if it doesn’t matter (if not, you’ll keep stewing until you burst).

Take time to objectively go over the rejection. Find out from successful applicants what you could have done better, or you can research ways to improve your next application. Not because you are inadequate but because you are growing.

This is a journey of self-building. — Na only you waka come- do it for you.

Lastly, the rejections as personal as they feel, have very little to do with your personality. Don’t spend too much time questioning your existence. You are incredible. If no one reminds you or tells you, mark this or screen grab it. You are a unique and amazing person. Those application outcomes should not define your worth or life’s entirety. Just being alive and relatively sane in 2022 is a lifetime achievement in my opinion. You can take a break. Do the things you love to do — eat, sleep, play, read, dance… Then come back and use another strategy because you’re a boss and the world is about to know it too.

I hope this helps all who are in this season. I hope you learn to stop second-guessing yourself and that you sprout wings and soar. I am proud of how far you’ve come. Keep going.

Love, Ballie💖



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