The Road to OKAY

Dear reader,

The road to Okay is an unfriendly route, sometimes chaotic, other times uneventful & dull. The road to Okay is oftentimes unbearably painful, excruciating even; it’s wild, it’s bumpy, it’s rarely ever smooth. It could be long or short depending on your type of journey, it could be fast or slow depending on your pace. It is paved with good intentions, offences, inconveniences, growth, discomfort, anomaly, acceptance, pain, and adaptation. It has several stops that might seem like your destination but these places are deceptive. You might find yourself at Self-Pity Stores, buying numerous tissues and medication for the cry-induced cold you’re having. Or at Anger-Grills, barbecuing not red meat, but negative emotions and skewering good relationships. You could be at Depression Bus stop, downtrodden, waiting for some never-coming vehicle to convey you out of that place of hopelessness, or just sitting in the Apathy-Lounge where nothing really matters or is important anymore. You could find yourself at Resentment-Repairs where nothing ever gets fixed but rather, dismantled, divested and complained about bitterly. Brokenness-Breakfast Club is usually one of the faster detours to Okay. It leads you on the road of aloneness and dependence. You’ll learn that self-reliance is both a friend and a foe, and wisdom will be the one to teach you when. At Brokenness-Breakfast, you’re served your weakness and inadequacies, the frailty of your efforts, your inability to be at Okay yet, and if you’re patient enough, brunch will come with Guidance on picking up pieces and rebuilding. The terrain is unknown and very unfamiliar, it doesn’t matter how many maps you’ve studied. Experience is your only real teacher.

The Road to Okay can be dangerous, full of potholes, dark and bendy (like a lot of Nigerian roads), and it can stretch out for miles with no end in sight. But like all roads, The Road to Okay actually leads you somewhere; the “Place” called Okay. The land of healing and restoration. The journey is one of recuperation that tears down your walls and barriers, wears down your shield and emotions, till you find yourself at a point where your map fails and you depend on the Guy that constructed the road in the first place. That’s when you discover, you’ve been driving on the palm of His hands all along. His heart for you was not just at the arrival but the entire journey itself, knowing He was there from the first step, the first sob and the first tear. He does not revel in your misery or bask in your pain, it aches Him to watch His beloved child struggle, tread the path blindly, but its all a part of the process. The Road to Okay is not about the Destination as much as it is about the Journey itself. The road is the making of Okay. And If you are embarking or have embarked on this journey, I have only one prayer for you; That you enjoy and experience the road in its fullness of varied emotions, and that you finally arrive safely and stronger, at Okay.

Safe travels.

Love, Ballie💖



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